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Development Course

Development Course
2013- so far
Create DOUBLESTAR world famous brand-js9699.com-澳门金沙9170.com
In April 2013, the "international enterprise" development goals; in January 16, 2014, the group headquarters moved to the west coast economic area, the two venture sounded the horn; in March, "tire industry 4 model factory" and "intelligent tire production equipment base foundation construction in Dongjiakou port.
Transition from shoe to tire-澳门金沙备用网址开户
In 2002, the acquisition of Chinese green tires, to achieve the transformation of the footwear industry to the tire industry, after the acquisition of Dongfeng tires in 2005.
To create the first famous brand of China's footwear industry
DOUBLESTAR has a history of nearly a hundred years of development, is the pride of the national industry, has created the first famous brand of China's footwear industry.

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