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  Monkey star network () was founded in Qingdao in 2015, is a focus on the car market after the "O2O" pattern of vertical electricity supplier portal, is based on the application of mobile Internet, the Internet and new media technology and professional build win-win and sharing, open service platform, user centric, precise positioning by "I the car, car owners and operators to provide to the market life cycle solution;
  "Good at heart, Jane in" monkey star network online and offline two-way line, to build a "Internet plus service + auto market franchise service system, the line to create intelligent mobile star monkey car oriented service network. Through online sales order line installation and rescue service resources, so as to realize the coordination and interaction between human and human, all cars, car goods, real construction of social entrepreneurship and win-win platform Internet, car networking, networking open triple sharing.
  The "star monkey" is synonymous with professional focus, agile, equal to anything, everywhere, the mobile service star monkey car at high speed on the road to national service, through various townships, high-speed road community, like the stars all over the country, everywhere, and like Sun Wukong quick, equal to anything. Therefore, the "star monkey" is not only the embodiment of the market after the car service experts, is a kind of service standard. He precise professional, whether it is for the tire, for the car maintenance, car maintenance, car beauty, vehicle insurance, etc., he can provide customized according to the owner of the vehicle to provide customized solutions to the whole process. He call, in case of emergency rescue (car tyre replacement and repair oil, pull electric etc.), just dial a phone 400-017-6666 or click on the star monkey APP< emergency >,rescue can be in 30 minutes to enjoy the" 0 "delayed rescue service. He is considerate service, where the purchase price of star mall monkey tires, can enjoy the "three free one" service, free installation, free repair, free rescue and tire quality insurance service commitment.
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