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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture
DOUBLESTAR management ideals and culture

Enterprise positioning
Service lead, quick to win
Strategic policy
First, open, innovative
To "first" mission, the "first" as the pursuit of all the goals and starting point;
To "open" as the path, and constantly learn from the international advanced technology, experience and model, and the best companies;
To "innovation" as its own responsibility, the challenge is not possible.
Sense of worth
Create value, share value
Enterprise spirit-23111.com
Honesty, after me, hard work
Enterprise style
Rapid, innovation and collaboration
Quality concept
Defective product is waste, waste will be uprooted
Development concept
Development of user resources is not only the development of products
Cooperation idea
Only partner development, the development of double star
Three management mode-www61654.com
Market segmentation, organizational platform, business unit
Market segmentation is the direction of fine
Organization platform is the guarantee
Business unit is the key
Talent view
To allow employees to succeed is the greatest respect for employees;
Do not allow employees to make mistakes, is the greatest love for employees!
The advantages of the staff to play to the extreme, so that his weak become insignificant!
The right to put into the process of the cage to the decision maker!
Principle of service
Fair, transparent and simple
Manager responsibility
Corporate responsibility: market innovation / product innovation
The responsibility of management: the target in place (the number of passers-by) / process support / mechanism driven
Accountability: strategy / organization / resource
Goal setting
Business objectives: the value of the existence of the enterprise that amount / amount / profit / capital flow, etc.
Control objectives: the healthy development of the enterprise that is efficiency / rate / inventory / quality, etc.
Development goal: the rapid development of enterprises, namely, the main measures for the goal difference and the major strategic measures
Method of thinking-老金沙网址官网
What is (nature)? Why (why)? What to do (action)?
Solution to the problem
What problems to solve? What is the purpose? From what the parent?
The principle of solving quality problems
Early discovery: forced by the user's dissatisfaction before the factory found,
To force the source found.
Does not happen: from the source to force the source does not occur,
To force the user to exceed user expectations.

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